• Performance Tire

    You can trust MaxxisTire to deliver ultimate peformance.

  • 4×4

    MaxxisTire is sure to have a tyre to suit your needs.

  • Extreme Off-Road

    Ready for any challenge,MaxxisTire punishing off-road conditions.



We import following mentioned catagories of tires on a regular basis. In each catagory we keep extensive range of sizes and patterns in our stock.....

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Tire Safety

Tires can loose one psi per month under normal conditions. Additionally, tire can loose one psi for every 10F temprature drop.....

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Dealer Network

Pak Tire Corporation has one of the largest network of dealers in Pakistan which covers all major cities and districts.....

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About Us

We are one of the major tire importer/ distributor in Pakistan with an extensive dealer network all over the country.....

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